4 Important Things Women In Their 40s Need To Know About High Blood Pressure

Women in their 40s are at an elevated level of high blood pressure risk and an increased risk of a heart attack.

Hypertension results in 1 in 5 deaths among American women. High blood pressure is emerging as a greater risk for women than men. Coronary diseases and death are two causes of the increased blood pressure level among women in their 40s. Therefore, adult women must keep track of their blood pressure levels to keep them under control. The healthy BP levels of a 40-year-old woman must be below 120, which is the systolic range, and below 80, which should be the diastolic range.

So, women in their 40s need to keep themselves abreast with the normal blood pressure levels that must be maintained. You must eat healthily and keep your exercise norm and other habits in check. Here’s what you need to acknowledge about high blood pressure when turning 40 or if you are already 40.

Doubles the Heart Attack Risk

Acute coronary syndrome happens when unstable angina or blood flow that supplies oxygen to the heart gets impaired. Most women in America are stated to suffer from Stage-1 Hypertension, which usually becomes the reason for stroke or a heart attack. Women suffering from other risk factors like diabetes, obesity, pregnancy complications, or autoimmune disorder must get their blood pressure measured after a year or two.

Do a Fact Check

It is important to have your blood pressure levels read even when it is not elevated. Be precise about the readings by keeping a check on your medical history too. If there are symptoms of hypertension recognized, it is time to take control of your body. The common myth is “women are immune to elevated blood pressure levels.” A few women stay healthy, but their condition is checked on elevated levels. It can be done using a smartwatch specially designed to keep the blood pressure levels under control. You can use the Blood Pressure Watch ‘Basic’ from Med Watch, available in four different colors. One can even take their Pro or Waterproof variants as desired. 

Make Lifestyle Changes

If you have been following a sedentary lifestyle until now, it is time to change yourself. You must step out of your house and work on your weight. Cutting on your cholesterol levels, regulating your weight, cutting on alcohol, checking your salt intake, keeping away from stress and anxiety, and quitting smoking will help you regulate your blood pressure levels.

Acknowledge Some Risk Factors Associated

In the worst cases, elevated blood pressure levels lead to the death of the person, which is common cause found among American women. Therefore, it is necessary to acknowledge other risk factors along with heart attack, including salt sensitivity, inactive lifestyle, increase in age, obesity, high uric acid levels, etc. Pregnant women can also face this condition, so it is necessary to visit your doctor to take care of the high BP condition.


High blood pressure is cited to be the silent killer. Our responsibility as women is to start taking of ourselves before it gets too late. If you feel any symptoms, it is time to get yourself medically measured and checked.

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