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Q)How long is the band? For which wrist size does it suit?

A) The band has a lenght of 22cm / 8.66 inches

Q) Is it compatible with my phone?

A) We support all phones except HUAWEI

Q) Do I need a phone?

A) You can use the watch on it's own, but the features will be limited. To be able to set time and use the watch to it's full potential, link it with your iPhone or Android Smartphone.

Q) What's your application called?

A) Our apps are called "Da Fit" and "FitPro" you can find it on any smartphone and it's FREE.

Q) Is it waterproof?

A) Yes!. You can wash your hands and take a shower with it no problems. However, avoid sauna, hot water bath and ocean water.

Q) Do you ship to my country?

A) Yes, we ship WORLDWIDE📦

Q) Can I make calls with the watch?

A) The watch shows calls and messages notifications, but you can't call with the watch.

Q) How big is the screen?

A) The screen is 1.4 inches

Q) How to charge the Watch?

A) For model "Basic": You don't need a Charger - I'ts so easy to charge! Pull of the strap, plug it on your Computer,Laptop or any USB port and that's it.

For model "Premium" and "Outdoor": Charger is included.

Q) How does the alarm work? Does it vibrate?

A) Yes, it will vibrate when time’s up. 

Q) If the watch has a problem can i exchange it?

A) Sure! We offer a 30-Days Exchange Guarantee.

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