5 Most Common Misconceptions About Hypertension

High Blood Pressure or Hypertension is widespread all around the globe. There’s nothing to panic about. You need to know the proper facts about this and eliminate the misconceptions as half-knowledge is very dangerous. This article describes some of the general misconceptions people have about hypertension. 

Blood Pressure is not a Thoughtful Issue

Hypertension or high blood pressure can be serious. If not treated, it can increase the risk of several health issues like heart attack, heart failure, various kidney diseases, visionary loss, angina, sexual dysfunctionality, and many more. Apart from these problems, hypertension can also cause many other severe issues. Over a long time, the arterial pressure may increase, leading the blood vessels less elastic. Eventually, this, in turn, will reduce the level of oxygen and blood going to the heart, subsequently destroying the organ. Moreover, hypertension also causes damage to the brain’s blood vessels, which may lead to blockage or outbursts. 

Hypertension is Genetic, Hence can’t do anything

According to a report, hypertension has specific genetic components. Though it is somewhat genetic, it is not inevitable. It is mainly caused by irregular lifestyle, food habits, and other factors which are not genetic. Thus, a proper lifestyle with a balanced diet and physical exercise can minimize the cause of hypertension. Those factors will also lower the risk of myocardial infarction or heart attack, other cardiovascular diseases, even if you receive high blood pressure by genetics. 

Hypertension can be Avoidable with Age

It is to understand that hypertension has nothing to do with age. It is unavoidable. Though hypertension mainly occurs in older people, people of middle age and the younger ones can have high blood pressure. Though hypertension is common in older ages, people can still reduce the risk of high blood pressure by taking less salt, quitting smoking, regularly exercising, and taking a proper diet. Moreover, following all these will also control your heart rate.

There are Certain Symptoms of Detecting High Blood Pressure

Unfortunately, there are no specific symptoms for detecting hypertension. It can only be detected by measuring the blood pressure level. Hence, it has also earned the nickname “silent killer.” The latest smartwatches of MedWatch can also measure blood pressure and give you the most accurate result. 

I can Stop medication once the Pressure Gets Normal

It is dependable from person to person. Some people have hypertension for a lifetime, while someone’s pressure normally responds after medication. It is advisable to consult your doctor before taking any severe decision like stopping of consumption of medicines, overdosage, etc. When the blood pressure becomes normal, the doctor suggests reducing the dosage of medicine. It is a rare occasion when they urge the patient to stop treatment of hypertension. Most importantly, there is no cure for hypertension. However, there are specific ways to control or reduce its impact on our health. 


As there is no cure for hypertension, you have to follow specific measures to reduce its impact on health. Knowing the real facts about hypertension is essential rather than believing the myths. 

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