Instruction (How to setup Med-Watch™)


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First of all the Team of Med-Watch™ want to say a big thank you for your trust and purchasing Med-Watch™. Every purchase means a lot to us, so we give away 10% of the profit to support projects, in the parts of the world that need it most.
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For you, we tried to make the setup as easy as possible, but we also know that technical stuff is not always easy to understand. That’s why we created this step by step guide to show you in a very easy way every step you can take to setup your Med-Watch™. If you read this instruction and you still have any further questions, check the FAQ at the end or send us an email at:



Step 1: We recommend you to sync Med-Watch™ with your Phone to have the best possible experience.
For MedWatch "Basic" please download the App "FitPro"
For MedWatch "Pro" please download the App "DaFit".
For MedWatch "Waterproof" please download the App "DaFit".
The Apps are for FREE and you can download it on Android or Iphone.
Enable Bluetooth on your Phone.


Step 2: Open the App and click on „Settings“
Click „Bind device to experience more features“ to find your Med-Watch™
Your phone will search for available devices nearby so be sure the watch is near you. This can take a few minutes. Please do not close the tab.

Step 3: Wait until your watch appears. Click on it and your phone gonna start to sync with your watch.

Step 4: Congrats! Your phone is connected with your watch. 
Next we gonna create a profile to save your health data and personalize your watch.
Click on the right bottom „mine“

Step 5: You are in the section „mine“.
Here you can create a personalized profile to get the best experience with your Med-Watch™
 Click on „Login“

Step 6: Register with your Email address.


Step 7: Awesome, You are almost done(: 
To get the best out of your Med-Watch™ you can create a profile with your age, height and weight to personalize it exactly to you.

Yeah! You made it!
Med-Watch is synced with your App and you already created a profile.
On the next page we show you what you can do with your Med-Watch™. It will blow your mind(:

With Med-Watch™ you can:
  • Check your Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Blood Oxygen
  • Count steps , distance and burned calories
  • Improve your sleep
  • Receive messages and call notifications
  • Alarm setting, remote take photo mode, Long sit reminder

Q: How does MedWatch measure Blood Pressure?

MedWatch uses Pulse transit time technology (PTT). It provides a basis for ubiquitous blood pressure (BP) monitoring. PTT is the time delay for the pressure wave to travel between two arterial sites and can be estimated simply from the relative timing between proximal and distal arterial waveforms.

The faster that pulse transit time is, the more the vessels are tightening — that's what's making the pulse travel faster. Optical sensors also check if vessels are tightening or widening. An algorithm then uses those two bits of information, along with heart rate, to estimate blood pressure.


Q: How to measure Blood Pressure accurately?

To get a more accurate heart rate and bp monitoring, make sure the watch is tight on your wrist, place your arm on the height of your heart and try not to move your arm too much.



Q: How can i improve battery life?

  1. Pull down the toggles -> Turn the brightness down or set Auto Brightness.
  2. Choose a watch background with less colors and animations.

Q: How to charge MedWatch" Basic"?
A: Just take of the band of the watch and plug it into any USB charger on the Computer, Laptop.

Q: How to change the watch face?
A: Open your App DaFit, click on Watch Faces and then choose your favorite Watch face. 
Med-Watch Pro How to change Watch Face
That’s it for setting up your Med-Watch™. If you have any further questions please send us an email at: We are happy to help you.