Are Blood Pressure Watches accurate?

Some wrist blood pressure monitors are accurate when used as directed.

However, if you have a serious medical condition, the AmericanHeart Association recommends using ahome sphygmomanometerthat measures blood pressure in your upper arm rather than a wristor fingersphygmomanometer.

Wrist sphygmomanometers are very sensitive to body position. Toget an accurate reading when measuringblood pressure with a wristmonitor, your arm and wrist should be at heart level. Still, wristblood pressuremeasurements are typically higher and less accuratethan upper arm blood pressure measurements. Thisis becausethe arteries in the wrist are smaller and not as deep under the skinas the arteries in the upperarm.

Some people cannot measure their blood pressure on their upperarms because their arms are so large orbecause blood pressuremeasurements are painful. In such cases, wrist blood pressuremeasurements areuseful and acceptable.

It is common for blood pressure readings taken on a monitor athome to differ from those taken in thedoctor's office. If you have awrist blood pressure monitor, we recommend that you bring themonitor withyou when you visit your doctor. Your doctor will thenmeasure your blood pressure with both a standardupper armmonitor and a wrist monitor in the correct position on the same arm tocheck the accuracy of yourwrist blood pressure monitor. Also makesure you are using a verified device.

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