Biggest Myths about BP Measuring with a Blood Pressure Watch

Blood pressure watches never display accurate BP readings – do you think so?

If yes, then it’s high time to evaluate your thought. Today’s blood pressure watches come with a host of advanced features, and they never fail to provide accurate health data – that’s what a large share of users think. When you choose a trusted watch brand with good reviews, you can always expect to obtain reliable health data using it. So, blood pressure tracking watches don’t display as accurate readings as BP monitors do, which is basically a myth, today. 

There are many other misconceptions and myths regarding BP measuring with a blood pressure watch. Want to know what’s the truth? Keep on reading our post till the end, and you will know the facts. 

  • Myth 1: Blood Pressure Watches Never Provide Accurate Health Data 

Blood pressure watches can be used, not only to track your BP but also to measure your heart rate. Also, it helps in accessing fitness-related data like how many steps you have taken, how much distance you have covered, etc. Unfortunately, a few people believe it doesn’t display as accurate readings as BP monitors and other devices in a doctor’s office do. Well, this is just a misconception. As long as you choose the best blood pressure watch with thousands of positive reviews, you can expect to get accurate readings and health data. 

  • Myth 2: The Watch Takes Too Long to Track BP

Absolutely not. It will never take minutes to measure your BP. A good quality watch takes just 30 seconds to measure your BP. Also, it generates health data very quickly. All you need to do is to sit still while keeping your feet on the floor in order to obtain accurate health data in a jiffy. Wait for at least 30 minutes after exercise. 

  • Myth 3: You Don’t Have to Use BP Watch If You Don’t Have Hypertension 

So, you don’t have hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. That’s great. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have to check your BP regularly. In most cases (except severe cases), hypertension comes with no symptoms. Therefore, BP tracking with a blood pressure watch regularly is necessary in order to reduce heart attack and stroke risk. 

Tips on Accurate BP Readings with Your Blood Pressure Watch 

No matter what type of BP monitoring device you use – be it a blood pressure watch or a BP monitor, make sure you get accurate readings. The following tips can be useful:

  • Avoid measuring BP with your watch, just after you wake up 
  • Don’t have caffeine, food, alcohol, and tobacco for half an hour before you check your BP
  • Make sure you position the watch correctly on your bare wrist 
  • Sit quietly in a comfortable position
  • Check your BP with your watch repeatedly to ensure accurate readings 

With the right blood pressure watch and proper method, it is always possible to access accurate readings and other health data. So, make sure you choose the best watch, and use the right method. For better BP management, consider checking your BP every day, especially if you are a hypertension patient.  

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