Can Obesity Lead To High Blood Pressure? What Do You Need To Know?

Can Obesity Lead To High Blood Pressure? What Do You Need To Know?


Research shows that excess weight gain leads to ‘visceral adiposity,’ the leading cause of primary hypertension in humans. It puts 65% to 75% of humans at risk. The maximum consumption of sodium is also one of the factors in initiating obesity hypertension. The obesity-induced arterial high blood pressure rises because of sodium retention in our body, and increased cholesterol levels too. 

Obesity works as the trigger for hypertension. It is considered elevated if your blood pressure is between 120 and 129, and less than 80. It means that a person needs to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle to get their weight under control and work on their BP and heart rate levels. 

Relationship between Blood Pressure and Weight

An overweight person not only attracts high BP levels but can also attract higher blood sugar levels. Obesity leads to undesirable weight on your arteries, and at the same time, if you are binge-eating, it can increase the circulation of glucose in your bloodstream. More than 70% of the adults in the US are overweight, leading to heart attack and stroke issues in most people. The difference can only be made by losing some weight that can add to an active lifestyle and help you prevent high blood pressure. You can do this by doing exercises or eating food rich in nutrients, calcium, potassium, magnesium, etc.

Obesity and Hypertension: How to Deal with the Duo

As we have seen above, a little increase in weight can lead to high BP, so it is essential to work on your obesity and give yourself a gift of life. Obesity is known for causing atherosclerosis that stiffs the arteries and leads to hypertension. Moreover, the abnormal growth of the small blood vessels in a particular part of the brain of obese people leads to high BP. 

According to the new research, this abnormal growth can also lead to disability in obese people. The heart of overweight people takes much time to pump the blood throughout their body. It puts extra strain on your arteries that resist the flow of blood and leads to an increase in blood pressure levels.

So, it is necessary to take medications and change the lifestyle entirely if you want to get rid of excess weight and high BP problems. You can even track your progress with the Blood Pressure Watch ‘Waterproof’, which people can buy in two colors from Med Watch at affordable rates. The platform is now running an offer where you can get one Basic watch free with your purchase. The smartwatch helps in tracking your blood pressure and heart rate progress. Moreover, if there is any calorie burn, it will report that too. As the watch keeps track of your health progress, it can help you transform your sleep.

Wrapping Up

As salt is the silent killer, eating things that add to your body weight are also harmful. Work on your sedentary lifestyle to ward off obesity and work 360-degrees on transforming your weight and overall health. 

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