Can smartwatches measure blood pressure?

Blood pressure fluctuates throughout the day, so frequent measurements are beneficial.

Several tech companies have developed blood pressure monitors and fitness trackers that allow you to take as many measurements as you like on the go. Some of these devices even count your steps or monitor your sleep patterns. Some will tell you the time. To replicate brachial blood pressure readings, some watches include instructions to keep your wrist close to your heart during the measurement. Following these instructions will give you the most accurate readings.

A good way to test a watch's accuracy is to compare its measurements with those obtained in a medical setting. To do this, take the watch to a doctor's appointment and test yourself immediately after reading the upper arm cuff.

Although not proven in large-scale studies, blood pressure monitors can provide accurate readings. For the most accurate and consistent results, we recommend choosing a watch specifically designed for this purpose rather than a fitness tracker with this feature.

A sphygmomanometer is beneficial for a person who wants to test the readings he has many times a day.

A fitness tracker with this feature is worthwhile for anyone looking to track blood pressure and heart rate before and after a workout.

If you have a medical condition such as high blood pressure, do not rely solely on the wrist monitor for readings. No watch can replace a doctor's watch. If you want to check your blood pressure anytime, anywhere, check out Med-Watch.
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