Does obesity lead to high blood pressure? what do you need to know

Studies have shown that excessive weight gain leads to "visceral obesity", the leading cause of primary hypertension in humans. 65-75% of people are at risk. Maximum sodium intake is also one of the factors that cause obesity and hypertension. Arterial hypertension due to obesity increases due to sodium retention in the body and elevated cholesterol levels.

Obesity is considered a trigger for hypertension. Blood pressure between 120 and 129 and less than 80 is considered elevated. This means that you should adopt an active and healthy lifestyle to control your weight and manage your blood pressure and heart rate.


Relationship between blood pressure and weight

Overweight people not only attract high blood pressure readings, they may also attract higher blood sugar readings. Obesity puts unwanted weight on your arteries and at the same time overeating can increase the circulation of glucose in your bloodstream.More than 70% of adults in the United States are overweight, and most suffer from heart attacks and strokes. is causing problems. A difference can only be made through weight loss, which contributes to an active lifestyle and helps prevent high blood pressure. can be done.

Obesity and Hypertension:

As we saw above, a little weight gain can lead to high blood pressure, so it's important to tackle obesity and give yourself the gift of life. Obesity is known to cause atherosclerosis, which hardens the arteries and leads to high blood pressure. In addition, abnormal growth of small blood vessels in certain parts of the brain in obese people leads to high blood pressure.

This abnormal growth can also lead to disability in obese people, according to new research.The heart of an overweight person takes longer to pump blood throughout the body. Arteries that resist blood flow are overloaded and blood pressure rises. Therefore, if you want to get rid of your excess weight and high blood pressure problems, you need to take medication and completely change your lifestyle. You can also track your progress with a waterproof blood pressure watch. You can buy this from Med Watch in his two colors at an affordable price. The platform is currently offering a deal to get a free basic watch with any purchase, a smartwatch that helps you track your blood pressure and heart rate progress. If there is calorie burn, this will also be reported. The watch tracks your health progress so it can help you transform your sleep. Link:

wrap up

Salt is a silent killer, so eating anything that makes you gain weight is also harmful. Embrace a sedentary lifestyle, stop obesity, and do everything in your power to improve your weight and overall health.

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