Salt! Are You Consuming It In Right Amount?

Salt! Are You Consuming It In Right Amount?

Is consuming too much salt harmful for health? To get an apt answer, first, we need to know what edible salt comprises within. Regular salt that we include in our diets contains 40% sodium, while the rest 60%, is chloride. It’s vital to keep salt in our daily meals for two reasons. It makes our food tastier and keeps it fresh longer. Besides, it promotes the optimal balance of water and minerals within the body. 

However, like every other good thing, consumption of excessive salt can impact your heart health adversely. And, sadly, heart disease induced by hypertension or high blood pressure is topping the list. Diabetes is also a widespread issue, often hinders patients with hypertension.

So let’s go through some quick facts regarding the daily consumption of salt so that, at the time of flavoring up your favorite dishes, you can also be mindful about your health. 

How Much Salt is Essential?

Salt contains sodium, a vital mineral for the body. Hence, it needs to be consumed each day in a limited amount. Human bodies develop a need of around 1,500 milligrams of sodium every day for relaxing and contracting body muscles and assisting in nerve impulses, apart from ensuring the water and mineral balance. However, with it in excessive amounts, the heart starts to work more, resulting in high blood pressure and several other health issues, followed by it

Apart from several other triggering factors, aging also contains a considerable part in increasing blood pressure. Studies found, in populaces from the western world aged over 40 years, the systolic blood pressure tends to increase 7 mmHg with every passing decade. Therefore, being informed about heart and blood pressure levels is crucial for individuals in their 40s. How to do it? Simply checking it every day with an appropriate monitoring device; you might think of a high blood pressure watch like Blood Pressure Watch “Pro” available at MedWatches. 

Are You Taking too much salt Unknowingly? 

Pikes in blood pressure level is a common consequence of consuming too much salt. But, some other indicators are also present, discerning which underlying problem is identifiable.

  • Sudden Occurrences of Swelling 

Overconsumption of sodium can prompt surprising swelling on different body parts. Such swellings can appear around ankles and fingers. Besides, many individuals feel uncomfortable bloating after getting up in the mornings due to this reason. It happens because of the edema, fluid within body tissues. 

  • Mild to Moderate Headaches 

Frequent mild headaches are yet another indication of excessive sodium intake. It can happen because of the scarcity of water in the body and disturbed fluid balance. It’s another sign advising curbing down salt levels. Upon identifying that you are dealing with frequent headaches, drink some water and take adequate rest. In addition, don’t ignore measuring your blood pressure level. 

  • Frequent Feeling of Thirst

After getting inside the body, excessive salt hinders the balance of fluids and minerals, leaving you with a feeling of persistent thirst. It’s yet another indicator of you taking salt more than you require. Minimize your salt intake and drink ample water to restore the required balance upon confronting such a feeling. 

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