Top 3 Triggering Factors of Hypertension and How to Safeguard Yourself From It

Top 3 Triggering Factors of Hypertension and How to Safeguard Yourself From It

Do you know the difference between blood pressure and high blood pressure? Blood pressure is the force being laid on the artery walls while blood is sent through the veins by our heart. Also known as systolic blood pressure, the amount of pressure blood applies on the tunnel walls of arteries also depends on their width and suppleness. Diastolic pressure is the force that blood puts on arteries, with the heart being relaxed and arteries at the lower resting tone. 

While both of these processes are normal, high blood pressure puts more pressure on the arteries than usual because of a hyperactive heart. In medical terminology, this hyperactivity of the heart is a disease, which needs to be diagnosed at the right time. 

Who is Prone to High Blood Pressure?

As this disease approaches in complete silence, everyone should start checking their blood pressure level regularly after a certain age. Buying a general blood pressure monitor is indeed a choice, but it cannot accompany you always. Hence, nowadays, people are keener to obtain smartwatches like Blood Pressure Watch “Waterproof” from reliable online sites like MedWatch.

According to medical practitioners, with gradual aging, people become more and more prone to catch hypertension. However, aging isn’t the only reason responsible for high blood pressure. The factors more liable to propel individuals towards it are:

  • Uncontrolled Lifestyle

Living an uncontrolled lifestyle is one of the primary reasons people have hypertension. In most cases, people who take excessive sodium, don't exercise regularly and have addictions to smoking or drinking become prey to high blood pressure at some point in their life. 


  • Obesity

While discussing not maintaining a healthy lifestyle, obesity can be considered a flipside of the same coin. Overweight or obese individuals, who can't decrease their weight because of unhealthy eating habits or other health-related issues, often become victims of high blood pressure, which, in turn, bring them close to heart disease like stroke, heart failure, or more. 


  • Heredity

This is also one of the issues that can be transmitted from generation to generation. However, if someone emphasizes healthy living and maintains proper weight, the chances of having the disease become less.


How to Control Blood Pressure?

You can easily restrict your blood pressure within the normal range by exercising the tasks opposite to the factors that can trigger it. First, you would need to include dedicated hours of exercise within your daily plans. It may be anything from running, walking, or any other form of cardio, but it's a must. The second crucial step is changing your diet plans to only eating healthy foods at the correct times. 

Try to eat more veggies, increase potassium levels in your meals, and maintain a food diary if you want to be more perfectionist about your diet. Finally, and most importantly, it would help if you essentially reduce alcohol and smoking habits. Make these bad habits go through a gradual decrease until the time of leaving. Oh, and don't forget to check your blood sugar level from time to time.

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