What Makes High Blood Pressure A Silent Killer? Know The Facts!

Did you know that Hypertension can be deadly without any physical symptoms? High BP has been given the perfect title - silent killer since it is known to cause sudden strokes and sometimes lead to one’s death. However, you can monitor and identify the onset of several diseases and take measures to control them too. But high blood pressure is abrupt and disrupts your well-being.

It is known to hamper a body’s kidney, brain, heart, and other organs. According to WHO, over 1.2 billion adults between the ages of 30 to 79 years are suffering from Hypertension. However, it is worrying how quickly these estimates grow every year.

Let us discuss the possible reasons that could direct Hypertension towards more serious problems that may need special attention. 

Are there any Standard Symptoms of Hypertension?

According to a factsheet by WHO, every person per 5 people is aware of having the medical condition, only 21% of the whole population. A press release between WHO and Imperial College London stated that the number of people who live with high BP is twice the number of people in 1990. It has become a significant ground of premature death all over the globe. However, the least severe case may still experience very significant changes in the heart, and its working may get slower by being affected by high blood pressure.

A recent study conducted by WHO stated that about 46% of adults do not realize the symptoms of Hypertension until it disrupts their life with a serious illness such as heart attack, failure, stroke, etc. All you can do is keep a constant check on your BP levels and practice some Yoga or exercise well to keep BP in control.

Serious Implications of High BP on the Heart

  • Since Hypertension attacks the arteries connected with the heart, it could cause severe problems if not treated on time. It leads to a sudden blockage between the arteries and blood vessels, thus restricting blood flow. As a result, you may go through various risky problems like heart failure.
  • Since high blood pressure blocks the arteries through which the blood and oxygen flow towards the brain, it could lead to a stroke. Strokes are always sudden, so you need to check your blood pressure level, which should read 120/80 millimeters (mercury). Therefore, a high blood pressure reading would be 140/90 mmHg.


Hypertension has serious implications which could cause severe diseases such as stroke or even cardiac arrest. Therefore, an individual must look for ways to control or balance to remain healthy. Keep a constant check on your blood pressure by monitoring it with Med Watch’s Blood pressure watch “Basic,”  a high-quality monitor created in wearable designs in the United States of America.

You can wear it on your wrist and monitor your heart rate, including features like sleep monitoring, Bluetooth, blood pressure testing, step count, etc.

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